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"I have been seeing Pamela Ng since 2005 and I have had great results for many different issues. She has helped me with back pain, migraine headaches and also my fertility issues and I now have a one-year-old child! Seeing her for acupuncture has greatly improved the quality of my life - there is nothing I wouldn’t recommend her for. In fact, I often recommend her to family and friends. If you are considering acupuncture, I encourage you to call Pamela. She is effective and easy to talk to as well!"
- Janay, Seattle, WA

"Pamela is a talented acupuncturist. I'm a runner, but my knees aren't. When they start acting up, I bring them to see Pamela and she gets rid of the pain. I often recommend her to family and friends who are looking for a kind, gentle, effective acupuncturist I always send them to Pamela."
- Rebecca, Seattle, WA

"My story is pretty typical, I guess. I was in pain, so I sought relief. I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my lower neck/ Chiropractic adjustments helped, but weren't able to take away the constant pain down my left arm, and numbness in two fingers. My chiropractor suggested acupuncture. I had never thought about this type of treatment before, so I was a little apprehensive. But I knew I didn't want to be in pain any more. From the first phone call, Pam was wonderful. I think she could tell I was a bit nervous. She made me feel very comfortable right away. After the first treatment, I knew this was the right choice. I had significant relief and couldn't wait for the next visit. It only took a few sessions before I had feeling in my fingers again. Now just a few month after weekly treatments ended, I'm pain free and forever grateful for Pam and the healing for of acupuncture. I would recommend it to anyone."
- Mary, Seattle, WA

"I came to Pamela Ng with severe shoulder pain and finger numbness that wouldn't subside. I hadn't experienced continuous, or what seemed to be chronic pain before. I noticed that after my first visit, my shoulder felt better. With each additional visit the pain and numbness continued to diminish. I am new to acupuncture. I like the fact that I'm not masking my symptoms with pain medication. Pamela takes care of the whole person with expertise, caring and good humor. Thanks, Pamela!"
- Gus Voda, Seattle, WA

"For months I suffered from plantar fasciitis (foot pain). I tried numerous things and finally decided to try acupuncture. Pamela Ng's acupuncture and herbal treatments cured me within weeks. She has also helped me with my lower back and neck pain. Her gentle nature and deep compassion make my visits to her clinic a positive experience. I highly recommend her to all my friends are in need of pain relief."
- M. Sykes, Seahurst, WA

"I was referred to Pamela by my primary care physician for treatment of tennis elbow. I was experiencing debilitating pain that really hindered my ability to care for my toddler. In one visit, the pain was almost eliminated. After three more treatments, I was able to use my arm with no pain at all!"
- A happy client in Burien

"Pamela's positive energy, caring demeanor, and sense of humor made each visit a wonderful and enriching experience. I would (and have!) recommend her services to anyone!"
- A happy client in Seattle