herbsAs the constellations in Heaven, as the streams and rivers on Earth, meridians are housed in human bodies. As Heaven and Earth warm up in harmony, streams and rivers will calm down. As Heaven cools and the Earth freezes, the streams and rivers slow down, and vice versa. So as pathogens enter our meridians, our blood will slow down with the cold invasions, will boil with heat invasion, will be stirred up to create "wind" with deficiency.

Each phenomenon in nature may be mirrored in our meridians. Each pathogenic invasion may appear as a physical sign in our bodies. For example, "wind" shows itself in the radial pulse as a fluctuation in amplitude, and as erratic movements in the yin and yang aspects of the body. In Chinese medicine, doctors quietly observe the physical signs in three different places and eventually encounter these phenomena. Acupuncture aims to prevent the symptoms entering the deeper yin aspect of our bodies.

From: "Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen:
Nature, Knowledge, Imagery in an Ancient Chinese Medical Text, chpt. 27 "